Medals 2016

The General Agricultural Wine Competition of Paris 2016

Concours des vins

Being recognized as one of the references in the wine world, this competition combines rigor, quality and traceability. The randomly sampled wines are presented to the jury anonymously. The samples are tasted by a panel who has a high technical expertise.

In 2016, few Châteaux of Caves de Rauzan have been rewarded for their vintage 2015. The Red wines of Châteaux Haut-Bascla, Jean de Marceau, La Grangeotte and the rosé of Château Mayne Cabanot won the gold medal.

Always for the same vintage, 7 of our Châteaux received a silver medal. For the Red wine, were rewarded the Châteaux Charron, l’Heyrisson, La Perriere, Moulin de Bois Noble and Les Prênes. The Château Camarsan has been recognized for its rosé and Château Jean Marceau for its Entre-Deux-Mers.

The Bordeaux’s competition – Aquitaine wines 2016

Organized by the Chamber of Agriculture of the Gironde, this event was, at the beginning, created to help wine-growers and cooperatives in the valorization and commercial development of their Bordeaux wines. The jury is composed of more than 1 000 tasters, all this people work in the wine industry.

In 2016, the Château Villotte received the gold medal for its 2015 Dry Bordeaux.

In Red Bordeaux, the Châteaux Mayne Cabanot and Reynaud Lacoste have been awarded the silver medal for their vintage 2015. The Châteaux Cadichone and Virevalois won the bronze medal.

The international competition of Lyon 2016

Tasters of this competition are international. A part of the jury work in the wine sector and the other part are just amateurs. The advantage of having amateurs who judge the wines allows consumers to identify themselves and thus to say “they appreciate this wine; I should also appreciate it!”

The Red Bordeaux Supérieur 2015 of Château Canteloudette was elected silver medal. This wine has a beautiful ruby color. The nose has a dominant of black fruits like cherry. The taste is soft, with good tannins.

The Grands vins competition of Mâcon 2016

Created in 1954, this competition is complicated to organize because it is the biggest tasting of the world against according to the “Records Guinness”. Indeed, in 2009, 10 126 wines have been tasted in just one morning. Two third of the jury are professional, the remaining third are volunteers.

The year 2016 allowed to two of our Châteaux to win silver medals. These are the Châteaux Carpentey ans Dardenac for their Red Bordeaux, vintage 2015.

The wine international Challenge 2016

The wines presented during this competition are judged by the whole wine channel, namely from the producer to the consumer. Each jury is composed of a producer, a technician, a distributor and a consumer. All of them are very different but they are complementary.

Two of our Red Bordeaux, vintage 2015, received medals. The Château Chauvelet has been awarded of a silver medal thanks to its harmony between blackberry and wild berries. The Château Grand Jouan won the bronze medal. This wine has seduced the jury with its Red fruits taste.

The Decanter World Wine Awards 2016

The jury of this competition located in UK is composed of international experts and it has a rigorous selection. The judges taste individually each wine knowing the region, the style, and the price. After commented and graded individually the wine, the judges talk about their impressions and take a decision about the medal they attribute to each wine.

In 2016, the Red Bordeaux, vintage 2014, of the Château Haut-Mazières has been rewarded of the gold medal. This wine with a plum color has a woody taste.

The Château Canet has won the bronze medal with its Red Bordeaux, vintage 2012, as the Rosé Augey 2015 thanks to its tasty nose.

Berliner Wein Trophy 2016

This German competition is recognized as one of the most important wine competition of the world. Each year, more than 10 000 samples are referenced during this event. In 2016, 185 qualified judges have tasted wines during 4 days under the control of the International Organization of Vine and Wine and the International Union of the Oenologists.

The Red wine of 2015 that belongs to the Château Cap Blanc has seduced the jury and obtained the gold medal thanks to its garnet color and its nose full of fruits and species.

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