Winegrowers in Sustainable Development

In August 2019, the Cooperative Winery of Rauzan obtained the label “Winegrowers in Sustainable Development” which makes us the first and only producer labeled in Bordeaux. We are thus joining this collective which already brings together 6,100 winegrowers and is present in almost all the wine regions of France.

What is “Winegrowers in Sustainable Development” ?

Winegrowers in Sustainable Development (VDD): 1st CSR label in the wine industry committed to respecting people and the environment for 10 years, from the vineyard to the glass. An approach based on demanding specifications and a global vision, which takes into account all environmental and social issues, in the vineyard as in the winery. This approach is recognized and audited by an independent control body.

The “Winegrowers in Sustainable Development” logo on our bottles is a strong and meaningful sign of commercial differentiation for the consumer, in French and English. In fact, more than 80% of wine consumers say they are sensitive to sustainable development!

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