Sustainable winegrowing of France

Created in 2010, the Vignerons en Développement Durable (“Winegrowers for Sustainable Development”) association brings together winegrowers committed to a CSR approach from the vine to the glass. A guarantee of ethical, high-quality products, that respect both people and the environment, its Sustainable Winegrowing approval is the first CSR and sustainability certification dedicated to the world of wine in France.

A sustainable wine is one that preserves resources, contributes to the well-being of the region, and enables winegrowers to earn a living from their vines. This is why Sustainable Winegrowing has adopted a modern, ambitious schedule of requirements, taking into account environmental, economic and social factors, i.e. the three pillars of sustainable development.
More than a straightforward environmental certification, it promotes an entire philosophy of sustainability.

Comprehensive and balanced, the certification covers all stages of production, from the first leaves on the vines to the last drop of wine, based on ISO 26000, an international sustainable development and CSR standard recognized in more than 100 countries. Its schedule of requirements is audited and assessed by AFNOR, the independent French Standardization Association.

A unifying force, the certification brings together nearly 6,000 cooperative members, winegrowers and employees spread over eight winegrowing regions and representing more than 90 appellations. For them, sustainable development is more than a business strategy, it is a commitment to future generations and our future way of life. Pioneers in this approach, Sustainable Winegrowing brings together and raises awareness in the industry. From 600 winegrowers in 2007, the Collective has 6,000 in 2020; how many will it have in 2030?

The coop winery of Rauzan have been labellized Sustainable Winegrowing since the 2018 vintage and are the only producers in Bordeaux committed to this approach.

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