What is the appellation AFAQ 26 000?


The Caves de Rauzan has the confirmed level in the evaluation of AFAQ 26 000. This responsible appellation delivered by Afnor group is the proof that the Caves de Rauzan has social, environmental and economic concerns in their activities and with their interactions with the stakeholders. This standard, which enforces the sustainable development concepts, demonstrate the engagement of our company in the Corporate Social Responsibility of the companies, called RSE in French.


The gait RSE is based on 5 points summarized below:

  • Promote the social balance :

We have a great internal communication with a lot of meetings, the establishment of an idea box… We also have a strong external communication thanks to the annual 6km walk, called “Récréation Gourmande”, the website, the press articles, etc.

Moreover, we try to create seasonal workers loyalty to fight against precarity. Actually, we are making seasonal workers loyal adapting their salary to the number of working years in our company. The more years they have worked for us, the more they are paid.

  • Preserve the territorial anchor and the environment:

The winery lives by and for its territory. It has convinced its adherents to set up respectful agricultural practices especially with the Agriconfiance approach.

The Caves de Rauzan constantly seek to improve their environmental releases.

The electricity, the effluents and the consumed water on our three different sites are controlled. We have a relation between the wine production and the water consumption that we can’t exceed.

A biodiversity study is organized in our winegrower’s plot to follow the evolution of the protected species.


  • Economic indicators:

The winery contributes to the economic development of its region with helping its winegrowers on the administrative section and giving the priority to the local products.


  • Human resources and working conditions:


Our employees have individual interviews in which they can express themselves about their company view and their perspective of evolution.

Our technicians have meetings with their homologues in different countries to exchange about their wine-making process technologies.  Moreover, the vineyard service tries to teach better agricultural methods to the wine-growers. The chai realizes investment that take care of innovation techniques to maximize the working conditions.

Each year, a satisfaction survey of the employees is realized. Moreover, a social and ethical charter based on employees respect, the recognition of merits and the improvement of working conditions is written.


  • Ensure a transparent mode of decision and respects its partners:

The winery ensures to its clients the quality of their products with analysis provision plus the provision of two bottles to taste them and have a better knowledge of the product.

We take care of our clients need; indeed, we realize regularly survey to know their satisfaction about the products and the services the winery offers.

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