Russian vegetable tort

This year we offer recipes from elsewhere for a Christmas that changes a bit!

We start with a verrine inspired by a classic of Russian cuisine: a millefeuille of vegetables.

5 vegetables a day: excellent

Economical: we are good

Vegetarian: perfect!

The right instrument to have: the rasp!

Recipes for 8 verrines:

5-6 medium potatoes cooked

1 big cooked carrot

2 boiled eggs

2 cooked red beets

2 salted gherkins  (sweet and sour)

1 small pot of mayonnaise

Fresh parsley

Crush the potatoes and put them in the bottom of the verrine.

Grate the eggs & all the other vegetables.

On the potatoes, spread some mayonnaise, then add the grated eggs, some more mayonnaise, the grated cooked carrots, the gherkins, the grated beets, add a last layer of mayonnaise to smooth the top, decorate with the parsley, it’s over.

Easy, right?

Food / wine pairing: a dry white Bordeaux & very fresh!

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