Frenchy blue burger


– Homemade Bread buns or bought at the baker’s

– Tomato sauce and mayonnaise

– Roquefort

– Russian pickles

– Ground meat

– Butter for cooking

Variant :

Add cut tomatoes, red onion rings, salad

Preparation / cooking time :

15 min

Frenchy blue burger with Château Canet, aged in oak barrel


Cut the blue cheese into large slices, the gherkins in length.


Form the steaks with the minced meat.


Mix 2/3 of mayo with 1/3 of tomato sauce to make the sauce.


Cut the buns and place in the oven grill.

Brown the steaks in a little butter and place the Roquefort cheese on top.


Dress the Frenchy burger, top with sauce, pickles, then the steak topped with blue cheese, according to your convenience add tomatoes, red onion or salad.

To taste as soon as you leave the oven with Château Canet!


Découvrez le Château Canet



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